A Look at the LabelTac Pro X Printer

The LabelTac Pro X Printer

The latest evolution in industrial label printing can be the ideal printer for your facility. The LabelTac Pro X printer has an all-new design and printing capabilities that is perfect for any type of labeling project you are ready to undertake. In this post we will look at the components of the LabelTac Pro X and different types of labeling projects you can quickly complete with this printer.

LabelTac Pro X Printer Features

The industrial label printer known as the LabelTac Pro X Printer is outfitted with a rugged industrial chassis, perfect for any facility or worksite. You can print up to 2,500 labels in a single day and watch the printing process from start to finish with the full-color LCD screen. This printer also features a built-in Ethernet connectivity, giving you the option to connect your printer to a network within a workplace.

An addition to the newest evolution in the LabelTac line is an extended ribbon capacity. You can fit a 984-foot roll, meaning you will only need to change out the ribbon once for every ten rolls of supply you use. The printer itself can print labels that are anywhere between ½-inches and 4-inches tall, and up to 40 inches long.

All LabelTac printers come with a lifetime warranty, free of charge. You will also have access to the LabelSuite software (and any future updates) as well as a lifetime of support from the knowledgeable experts at Creative Safety Supply.

Projects to complete with the LabelTac Pro X Printer

The LabelTac Pro X printer, like previously stated, has the capability to print 2,500 labels in one day; you can begin, execute, and finish a large labeling project in a single workday! The following are just a handful of project ideas you can undertake with the LabelTac Pro X printer.

  • Pipe labeling project: Stay compliant with ANSI pipe marking standards by properly following color-coding standards. LabelTac supply comes in every color you will need to properly label your facility’s pipes: yellow, red, orange, green, blue, brown, purple, black, white, and gray. The LabelSuite software makes it easy to create unified and customized labels for every pipe in the workplace!
  • GHS labeling project: Using pre-printed GHS supply with the LabelTac Pro X printer gives you the opportunity to begin and end a GHS project in a few days, or even a single day. The labels will keep you compliant with ANSI standards while looking extremely professional.
  • 5S project: A label maker like the LabelTac Pro X printer is an optimal tool when it comes to organization in the workplace. These labels will last for many years and the design is completely up to the user. No more ordering labels that won’t work out from a catalog! LabelTac labels can be used on equipment, the floor, the wall, etc. Print labels out that tell employees where certain tools or even create a well-labeled staging area.
  • Barcoding/rack labeling project: Whether your need to tag machines, track time, or sort packages, barcodes can be a valuable asset. The LabelSuite software allows you to input information and translate that into a barcode. Depending on the supply you purchase, you can create barcode labels that are oil resistant, extreme temperature resistant, or even labels that can be attached to a cable.

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