A Variety of LabelTac Supplies

LabelTac printers and software gives the user a seemingly endless number of custom labels one can create. The LabelTac supplies however, gives a whole new meaning of customization and freedom in creating exactly what your facility needs. In this post we will be looking at the different options of LabelTac supplies, including tape, ribbon, and accessories.LabelTac Supplies

Learning About LabelTac Software

Tape: Tape, also referred to simply as supply, is what the ink is being printed on. The classic LabelTac supply will produce long-lasting vinyl labels that can adhere to almost any surface. LabelTac tape is also available in a variety of options depending on application. This includes static cling supply, magnetic supply, oily surface supply, and repositionable vinyl supply.

Certain types of LabelTac supplies can hold up in different industrial environments. Cryogenic supply can withstand temperatures all the way down to 176°F and high temperature supply will survive temperatures up to 350°F. UltraChem supply when used with UltraChem ribbon produces labels that are resistant to chemicals like acetone, xylene, petrol, brake fluid, and so on.

Pre-printed LabelTac supplies expands the number of labels you can design, customize, and print.  NFPA supply featuring blank diamonds, GHS labels with blank diamonds, and continuous header supply all guarantee you can create compliant professional-grade labels, and usually just in a matter of minutes.   

Ribbon: Rolls of LabelTac ribbon are heated in the thermal transfer printing process and its wax is melted onto the supply resulting in an extremely tough bond. Ribbon is resistant to smudging, smearing, and fading over time and can withstand a variety of chemicals found in industrial workplaces. There are seven different colors of ribbon including black, white, red, orange, yellow, blue, and green, the colors are vibrant, rich, and long-lasting.

Other: This category includes other types of supplies you can use to take your labels to the next level. Creative Safety Supply offers sign blanks in both PVC and aluminum materials; simply adhere a label to one of these blanks for an instant custom sign. Also available as blanks are rectangular and circular valve tags. Another available add-on is the clear industrial label protection. This is an ideal option to extend the life and durability of labels placed on the ground of high traffic areas.

There are so many different combinations of tape, ribbon, etc. to create a custom label. Use magnetic supply, with a bright red ribbon, and an industrial label protector to create equipment labels that are extremely resistant to chemicals. Use a safety label adhered to a PVC sign blank for an instant eye-catching safety sign. Or use low-halide labels designed with LabelSuite for custom pipe labels.

Whatever type of labeling project your facility is going to take on, the variety of LabelTac supplies ensures you can design and print labels and signs that is perfect for your project. If you’re going to undertake a pipe labeling project, use the proper color options that align with pipe color coding standard, or use barcodes printed on labels for a new organization method.  Whatever your idea of a custom label is, you can make it a reality with the LabelTac industrial labeling series.

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