Continuous Improvement Applied to Safety at Toyota

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Photo: Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing

A recent article at EHS Today explains how a Toyota plant that manufactures forklifts in Columbus, Ind., makes safety a part of daily life.

The facility refers to its safety system as K-HYP, which standards for “kaizen” (continuous improvement) and “How’s your process?” At the facility, safety is a topic of discussion at morning meetings, and each employee is given the opportunity to write down safety issues. Then managers meet with workers that morning to discuss the reported problems.

By bringing safety to the front of people’s minds on a daily basis, the Toyota plant is able to continuously improve the safety of workers in a variety of jobs.

According to the facility’s manager of environmental health and safety, “We are looking for ways to improve safety, quality and productivity all at once […] So we merged both sides of it into one daily discussion.”

Visit EHS Today to read the full story of Toyota Industrial Equipment Manufacturing’s safety system.

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