Floor Signs and Floor Markings

floor signs and floor markingFloor markings and floor signs are a critical element to any visual safety program. While most already know about and utilize wall signs and labels, floor signs and floor markings present a new opportunity to communicate with your workers.

Many manufacturing facilities would have a much higher accident and/or fatality rate if it were not for the development of these visual safety tools, specifically floor markings.

In the past, such markings were painted on the floors, showing workers and visitors where they should walk, or creating lines of delineation between safe and danger zones in regards to proximity to a machine or other area deemed unsafe.

Today, these markings have replaced the outdated and inefficient method of painting with highly visible and traffic or damage resistant vinyl tapes of varying thicknesses or widths and colors.

These tapes are much easier to apply, easy to clean and resist foot traffic or forklift traffic for years.

Floor Signs

These signs work much like traffic signs out on the street, in that they give visual commands to ‘stop’, ‘look’, ‘be aware of’ or even simply letting you know where a garbage can belongs so that it will always be there when you come looking for it.

Another element in creating and deploying floor signs that should be a consideration is that, again, of language. If your facility employs migrant or non-English speaking workers, then it is a great service to them and yourself to create floor signage that is easily understood.

You can accomplish this by either accompanying the English message with a second language, or creating the sign with a very visual and easily understood icon or graphic that depicts the message clearly.

Here are some suggested floor signs that might easily be found and used in a food processing plant.

Traffic Control

If your facility uses forklifts or other motorized transport, controlling traffic is essential for maintaining order and safety. Floor signs, much like labels can also be ordered online from safety product retailers who offer large libraries of signs usually categorized, making it easy to find the one you want. Sometimes, however, you may come up against an area in your facility that requires a custom message/ floor sign. In that case you will want to find a vendor who can create the floor sign you need in the sign and colors you need it in.


Directional signs will cut down on wasted time and keep pedestrians in safe areas.  This can also be helpful for visitors in the facility and new hires.


Marking locations for equipment and materials saves time by eliminating confusion.


Floor signs with pertinent safety alerts are essential. The floor is a surface workers usually look at, perfect for using it for safety!


PPE signage send a message to your employees that you care about their safety. Place these floor signs in areas that require workers to don PPE.


Step 4 is Standardize. Floor signs assisting in organization will help accomplish this important step; use floor signs to mark the “homes” for tools and equipment.


Your facility most likely has specific needs for effective signs. Custom signs especially made for your application are the best solution.

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