LabelTac Ribbon — A Crucial Component

Thermal transfer printing is a digital printing method used by the LabelTac line of industrial label printers, and keeps labels looking crisp and lasting for years. Today we will be talking about the technology behind LabelTac printers and how it uses LabelTac ribbon and supply to create custom labels.labeltac ribbon

What is LabelTac Ribbon?

In terms of printing, think of the ribbon as the ink and the supply. The ribbon developed for LabelTac ribbon is durable and rich in color. Designed for industrial use, ribbons are will create text, symbols, and pictures that can withstand the elements of construction sites, factories, warehouses, and more! LabelTac ribbon is also resistant to chemicals, smears, and smudges.

The ribbon comes in seven rich and high-quality colors: yellow, black, white, orange, red, green, and blue. These colors give you the option to really customize your labels and aide in color coding a visual communication strategy. While the LabelTac ribbon holds strong to day-to-day chemicals used in industrial environments, there are some cases where you may need a more resilient label. The LabelTac UltraChem Ribbon is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the LabelTac UltraChem supply and ensures protection from ethanol, xylene, brake fluid, acetone, and much more. The labels using both UltraChem ribbon and UltraChem supply also features a higher resistance to smearing and heat. Ideal for automotive labels, chemical drum labels, pipe labeling, etc.

How does LabelTac ribbon work?

In the thermal transfer printing process, a coating of ribbon is applied to the vinyl label, so it stays glued onto the label. The ribbons are melted within the print heads of the LabelTac printer for an extremely strong bond. LabelTac printers use DPI (dots per inch) as the output resolution, and each dot is printed individually during the thermal transfer process.

While this may sound like a lengthy process, it is actually quite quick. The entry-level LabelTac printer (the LabelTac 4) is capable of printing up to 500 labels a day and prints 4 inches per second.  On the other end of the spectrum is the LabelTac creates labels that are double the width and is capable of printing up to 5,000 labels in a single day.

What can I make with LabelTac ribbon?

Because LabelTac ribbon comes in a variety of colors (seven in total) your options are virtually endless! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Danger signs: Danger signs are required to feature white text on a red background, and the white ribbon used with white supply will create sharp lines and not result in pink words.
  • Fire hazard signs: Like danger signs, red and white are the primary colors for indicating fire hazards. Switch up the sign design and go for a white background with red text to create noticeably visible signs.
  • Company signs: Keep your workplace looking sharp and employees informed by creating your own custom signs in the workplace. These could be employee of the month signs, signs printed with core values, workplace policies, etc. Simply choose a color that represents your brand and create beautiful and professional grade company signs.

Using the LabelTac printer series along with supply and LabelTac Ribbon will ensure every label, wire parking, sign, and tag you create will last for years and look great the whole time.

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