Learning About the Features of LabelTac Software

The LabelTac software is extremely easy to use, even for novice users! This free labeltac softwaredesign and print software, LabelSuite, makes the process of designing professional labels fast and simple. In many cases, you can make a label from start to print in under a minute. Creating custom labels, or even compliant labels should not be a frustrating task. Whether you’re looking to print safety labels, 5s labels, cable labels, or anything in between, LabelSuite is loaded with a ton of content to make all of these labels easily – and more!

All About LabelTac Software

LabelSuite is compatible with the Windows operating system and features a familiar interface to many users. The LabelTac software was designed and created specifically to work in conjunction with the LabelTac printer series.  Fortunately, this comprehensive and intuitive software, a $299 value, is included with your purchase of any LabelTac printer model free of charge. If you have a LabelTac printer with the LabelSuite software, you also have access to unlimited lifetime support and free upgrades for life.

Content is an essential and impressive feature of the LabelSuite, with the software including a comprehensive collection of templates and symbols. Whether you’re looking for the first aid or safety shower symbol, the no smoking or flame symbol, the toxic or explosive symbol, LabelSuite will have you covered. Templates are also included in the LabelTac software ensuring your label creation process is simple. The templates loaded into LabelSuite includes pipe marking templates, OSHA safety headers, GHS templates, and much more.

The freedom of LabelTac printers carries over to the software included with the printer. Aside from the already-included symbols and components, there is the option to add a company logo or a custom graphic to the label. You can also create your own custom templates and save them for future use. Add custom barcodes to a label or choose a custom size option to ensure the final label is perfect for your workplace. Another great feature of the software is what you see is what you get; the label you designed on the screen will be the exact label that is printed.

If you’re looking for some aide in creating custom labels, LabelSuite offers that too! The LabelTac software includes many different types of wizards, like GHS, ammonia labeling, pipe marking, to guide you through the process of creating compliant labels. Furthermore, LabelSuite has a built-in and comprehensive GHS chemical SDS library, with all the hazard pictograms and information you need, right at your fingertips.

The LabelSuite software was designed with the user in mind. The easy-to-use editing features, like auto label length capabilities, snap to objects, and the ability to edit multiple layers, will ensure your labels will look crisp and professional. Even more features that are included in the LabelTac software are the image import capabilities, vector image import, easy-to-share saved files, and a quick invert tool. Finally, the network printer sharing abilities of the LabelSuite software can be a real cost-saver for a company.

There are so many advantages of having a LabelTac printer in your facility. Create custom, compliant, and effective safety signs for the workplace or design 5S labels that are specific to your Lean efforts. Whatever your goal is with an industrial label printer, the LabelSuite software and the team at Creative Safety Supply is here to help you make the best labels around!

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