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Creating Signs and Labels

Visual Safety: Creating Signs & Labels

Good labeling and sign practices are critical to keeping workers, employees, and facility visitors safe. So, how can you ensure your visual communication is the best it can be? Let’s look at how to either acquire or create high-quality and well-designed labels and signs. We will concentrate on just those areas where signs and labels can greatly increase the effectiveness of your safety program, help you meet and exceed compliance guidelines and expectations, as well as create an overall safer ...

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six sigma

Six Sigma Belts

A successful Six Sigma program relies on a vast knowledge of the various philosophies, methods, and strategies that enable Six Sigma to be executed companywide. Six Sigma co-founder Bill Smith and Motorola recognized this fact, and it’s for that reason they spearheaded training efforts like Motorola University and Six Sigma Institute. To help with an organization’s Six Sigma efforts, individuals can expand their expertise on QA management and methods by getting Six Sigma certifications. These certifications are measured using the ...

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realizing gemba success

4 Steps to Realizing Gemba Success

Gemba walks are an extremely valuable tool for managers. When successfully utilized, these walkscan help leaders understand the processes in the production line and see firsthand how the work floor is operating. Planning for a Gemba walk can seem a bit daunting, but with these four steps to success, you can ensure your walk will be effective and beneficial for all. 1. Know the Purpose Before you head out on your Gemba walk, you need to plan. Tackling an entire ...

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GHS label

A Guide to GHS Labels

OSHA updated Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200, to align with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. There are a number of GHS labeling requirements facilities will need to be aware of to stay compliant and keep workers safe. GHS Label Elements The prescribed symbols, signal words, and hazard statements can be readily selected from Annex 1 of the GHS Purple Book. These standardized elements are not subject to variation and should appear on the ...

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Where are pipe labels required

Where are Pipe Labels Required?

A pipe marking project can only be effective when people can actually see the pipe labels! Not only do labels need to be seen by employees, but they should also be seen by visitors and emergency personnel for safety reasons. You will need to first understand where labels are needed. This step is actually fairly straightforward and can be done after your pipes have been audited. In addition to the size of labels and the color combinations of pipe markings, ...

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