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5S and visual communication

Utilizing Visual Communication with 5S

The heart and soul of visual management is 5S. It is systematic approach to workplace organization and cleaning that will transform a disorganized workplace into an efficiently running machine. 5S creates a strong foundation that allows businesses to employ additional Lean manufacturing tools such as kaizen. When the work environment is orderly, people can more easily identify opportunities for improvement. The five phases of the 5S methodology are as follow: Sort (Seiri) – The first step in 5S is to ...

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what is kaizen

What is Kaizen?

Kaizen is a Japanese term that literally means improvement – improvement in your personal life and your working life. When a company adopts the kaizen model, it strives to improve its processes in small but meaningful ways, ultimately changing for the better. Kaizen is not just a one-time improvement, but rather a commitment to excellence by constantly testing and improving the workflow, day in and day out. Kaizen was first introduced in the Toyota manufacturing plant in Japan in the ...

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floor signs and floor marking

Floor Signs and Floor Markings

Floor markings and floor signs are a critical element to any visual safety program. While most already know about and utilize wall signs and labels, floor signs and floor markings present a new opportunity to communicate with your workers. Many manufacturing facilities would have a much higher accident and/or fatality rate if it were not for the development of these visual safety tools, specifically floor markings. In the past, such markings were painted on the floors, showing workers and visitors ...

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LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon

The LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon and Supply

LabelTac printers are a series of label printers that uses special thermal transfer print ribbon and vinyl supply to create extremely durable industrial labels. In the thermal transfer printing process, the ribbon is similar to ink, and the vinyl is like paper. In this post we will be looking at the LabelTac 4 Pro Ribbon and the corresponding supply and printer model. LabelTac printers give you the opportunity to design and print your very own custom labels in house. Any ...

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A Look at the LabelTac Pro X Printer

The latest evolution in industrial label printing can be the ideal printer for your facility. The LabelTac Pro X printer has an all-new design and printing capabilities that is perfect for any type of labeling project you are ready to undertake. In this post we will look at the components of the LabelTac Pro X and different types of labeling projects you can quickly complete with this printer. LabelTac Pro X Printer Features The industrial label printer known as the ...

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