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How to Select a Good Six Sigma Project

In any organization, there will always be problems and issues. It’s a part of the overall process of doing work, and so are the responses put in place to address them. This is why many popular improvement methods and systems abound because they are available for any organization that might need them. One of the favored process improvement methods is Six Sigma, a set of procedures developed two decades ago by Motorola. The Six Sigma initiative is used in many ...

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The Visual Workplace

The need for continuing improvement in the workplace grew over the years with new methods and systems introduced by organizational experts. One hugely appreciated initiative is the “visual workplace”, which is used as both guide and key performance measurement in many companies, businesses and industries. The idea behind a visual workplace is that it helps boost performance and achieve optimum output. On the other hand, its implementation results in a decrease in motion and lead times, as well as a ...

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How To Use a Kanban Board

The Kanban board has been used extensively in many Japanese businesses for many decades. Tracing back its history, it was practiced by Toyota in the late 1940s to improve their manufacturing and engineering activities. Actual cards were used by the employees to communicate with the group or workers who come next in line. A Kanban card tells the employees involved in the next step of a process that the preceding step has been completed. It’s like the card is a ...

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The Importance of a Positive Workplace Culture

A workplace culture is the core of any organization, and it can spell success or failure. The character of any business and the personality of any company is its culture. It’s also what makes it unique. Suffice it to say that the total values, behaviors and interactions, the traditions and beliefs of an organization make up its culture. When an organization has positivity, that personality can help build the business and increase its success. Many organizational and business endeavors begin ...

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Lean Professionals

Lean Six Sigma Professionals and Their Future

The Future of Lean Six Sigma Professionals Lean Six Sigma is the combined art and science of eliminating waste and variability in the production process. It’s a school of thought that involves years and years of practice, research, and learning to perfect. Even then, it’s more about the pursuit of perfection than ever actually reaching perfection itself – hey, there’s a reason it’s called ‘continuous improvement’, right? Throughout a long Lean career, practitioners will find themselves under pressure to adapt ...

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