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Using Kaizen…to Eat Sushi?

Kaizen, commonly referred to as “continuous improvement,” proves very helpful in many workplaces. Businesses and organizations create cultures where employees constantly look for small changes they can make to improve the way the facility operates. Over time, these small improvements can lead to significant improvements in efficiency overall. We always enjoy hearing about unique ways kaizen ideas have been used both in and outside the workplace. This week, we came across an example of kaizen thinking in a sushi restaurant, ...

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Food Bank, Produce

Kaizen at the Food Bank

What if kaizen and lean thinking were implemented at a charity like a food bank? You might end up with an organization that looks like the Food Bank for New York City, the country’s largest food bank, which has distributed more than 63 million meals worth of food in the past year. Under its current leadership, the food bank’s workers have looked for ways to run their charity more like a business, improving food distribution and doing a lot with a ...

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Lean Customer Service

LEAN Customer Service – Customer Service Could Learn A Thing or Two From Lean

Just this week, a Lean discussion in my favorite LinkedIn professional group cropped up and talked about the eight types of waste associated with Lean, but also how they could be specifically applied to customer service. What would a loss of talent look like in customer service?  Could there really be an excess in movement? If nothing else, it certainly got me thinking. Specifically, I thought about just how frustrating we learn that customer service can be early on in ...

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3-D Printing

Does 3-D Printing Have a Role in Lean Manufacturing?

A lean workplace seeks ways to make itself more productive and more efficient, and a recent article at Reliable Plant and Lean Manufacturing Journal asserts that 3-D printing naturally fits in well with lean thinking. 3-D printers, the article explains, can make prototyping and customizing easier, which creates a less wasteful manufacturing environment. Additional benefits of 3-D printers are they can increase the consistency of products and ultimately lead to lower prices. Lean tries to eliminate wastes in the workplace such ...

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Lean Manufacturing Implementation

5 Steps for Lean Manufacturing Implementation

Whether you are implementing lean manufacturing techniques for the first time, or you are beginning a new project and you need help with lean manufacturing implementation, it is important to get it right from the very beginning. In many instances, if you don’t get the first few steps done correctly, the rest of the implementation won’t be able to be properly completed either. With this in mind, review the following five steps that should always come at the beginning of ...

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