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Design For Six Sigma

Design For Six Sigma (DFSS)

Most people are familiar with the normal Six Sigma methodologies that are used to help make improvements to products or services within a facility. In fact, the standard Six Sigma process has become the industry best practice for most process or product improvements. When you are creating a new product, however, the standard Six Sigma process just doesn’t work. This is why the Design for Six Sigma, or DFSS, was developed. This set of processes is similar in some ways ...

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Lean Tools for Manufacturing

Five Essential Lean Tools for Manufacturing

The Right Lean Tools for Manufacturing Lean manufacturing has been growing in popularity for quite some time now. While every facility implements it slightly differently, they can all benefit from having the right lean tools for manufacturing. Look at the following key tools and see if your facility is using them properly. 5S Methodologies This is perhaps the most well known lean tool for manufacturing. It has been helping companies to eliminate waste for years, and continues to be one ...

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Healthcare, Hospital, Lean

What Does a Lean Hospital Look Like?

Lean manufacturing principles may have originated in manufacturing industries, but in recent years they’ve been used quite effectively in the healthcare industry, too. This topic is covered in a podcast over at Mark Graban’s Lean Blog, in which Graban interviews Paul Plsek, author of the book Accelerating Health Care Transformation with Lean and Innovation: The Virginia Mason Experience. The two discuss Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, a hospital that has been employing Lean practices for over a decade to ...

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Sewing, Clothing Making

One-Piece Flow – A Lean Strategy Applied to Clothing Making

Janska, a women’s clothing company that strives to keep all of its manufacturing in the U.S., recently found a way to increase sewing productivity and revenue by using a lean strategy commonly used in industrial manufacturing workplaces: one-piece flow. This method has each person on an assembly line—in this case, each sewer—perform one step of the process and then pass the item off to another person who performs the next step. Each piece isn’t passed to the next person, though, ...

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Using Lean to Reach Your Potential

Lean methodologies can be used on an organizational level, but also on an individual level. You can use lean to improve your use of time and even to clean out your inbox. In the TEDx Talk above, Bill Peterson, a lean instructor and consultant, explains the basics of lean, as well as how to make lean work for you to help you reach your potential. Many people are frustrated with their work, and Peterson discusses why:  I work with a lot ...

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