Review: The LabelTac 9 Printer

Choosing the perfect industrial label printer for your workplace can be tough.  You will LabelTac 9 Printerwant to evaluate the needs of our facility for a printer: how many labels you want to create a day, the size of labels the printer produces, how you want a labeling station set up, etc. Today we will look at the LabelTac 9 Printer, the largest printer in the LabelTac series.

Why choose the LabelTac 9 Printer?

The first benefit that sets the LabelTac 9 apart from the rest is the size of labels it can produce. You can create signs, labels, and banners ranging from 4” all the way up to 9” wide. Designing and printing large labels has never been easier! Mae labels that can be seen from across the room or adhere a large label to an aluminum sign blank for an instant safety sign. The majority of LabelTac supplies comes compatible with the LabelTac 9 Printer. If you need high-tack label supply, magnetic supply, reflective tape supply, die-cut labels, or whatever other types of supply, they’re available to work with your LabelTac 9.

The LabelTac 9 Printer is a great printer to tackle large printing jobs, with the capability of printing up to 2500 labels in a single day. Need to create an all new safety sign program quickly? The LabelTac 9 can get the job done. With an LCD display and a clear media view, you can literally watch your label being made from the design process to the final printed label. You can create your own labeling printing station in-house and give access to employees to print labels whenever they’re needed. Set the LabelTac 9 on one side of the cart and pair it with the LabelTac Label Design Workstation to have a portable labeling workstation in your facility.

Just like any other printer in the LabelTac series, the LabelTac 9 printer comes with unbeatable benefits. With your purchase of a printer you will also receive a full lifetime warranty (for free) that can be transferred to any new owners. The warranty covers all parts and labor, shipping costs, and a free optional loaner printer to minimize any downtime. You will also get access to lifetime support from the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply to answer any questions you may have. Finally, you will also be receiving the LabelSuite software (a $299 value) free of charge. This easy-to-use software allows you to customize templates or design a label completely from scratch.

Your options of the types of labels you can make is virtually endless. Safety labels, 5S labels, OSHA compliant labels, GHS labels, pipe labels, NFPA labels, and so much more are simple and quick to make with the LabelTac series of industrial printers. The LabelTac 9 Printer is specifically designed for creating large, easy-to-see labels in a matter of minutes, shop Creative Safety Supply’s line of printers today!

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