The Benefits of a LabelTac 4 Printer

The LabelTac 4 Printer

The LabelTac 4 printer is the budget-friendly and entry-level printer offered in the LabelTac printer series. The industrial labeling systems create professional, long-lasting, and customizable labels for any area in your workplace. Whether you need Lean manufacturing labels or OSHA compliant signs, the LabelTac printer can do it all. Because this printer is considered entry-level, the printer itself takes up a smaller space on a desk or workbench and weighs less than five pounds. The LabelTac 4 is capable of creating labels ranging from ½” to 4” tall and 40” in length and can print hundreds of labels in a single day.

What is included with your LabelTac 4 printer? 

Each printer in the LabelTac printer series comes with unmatched customer support and a labeling software. LabelSuite, a $299 value, is an extremely intuitive software that allows you to design and create labels in just a few minutes. The software is loaded with templates and symbols to aid in your labeling project.

Your printer also includes a full lifetime warranty free of charge that covers all parts and labor, even the print head. It covers shipping costs, and often times you will receive a loaner printer to minimize any downtime. This warranty features unlimited support by phone email, or live chat with the labeling experts at Creative Safety Supply.

What labels can you create with your LabelTac 4 printer?

Between the different types of supply available and the templates and symbols loaded in the LabelSuite software, there is a virtually limitless amount of options you can create with the LabelTac printers. The following are just a few ideas of different labels you can design and print using your LabelTac 4 printer.

  • Pipe marking labels: One of the most common applications of an industrial label printer is to complete a pipe marking project. These labels may seem like a lengthy and time-consuming process, but LabelTac ensures you can print all the labels you will need quickly, and labels that can withstand an industrial environment. Different types of supply that can be used for this kind of project include Low Halide Supply, UltraChem Supply, Cryogenic Label Supply, and High Temperature Supply.
  • OSHA/ANSI labels: OSHA/ANSI standards require hazard signs/labels to be formatted in a certain way and include specific information. You can purchase continuous header labels in red, orange, green, and blue so you can create DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION, NOTICE, and SAFETY signs. In the LabelSuite software, you can insert a hazard pictogram, a safety alert symbol, and a proper word message for a compliant safety label.
  • 5S labels: Visual communication is an important factor of a successful 5S program. Because 5S is a methodology focused on organization, the labeling maker is the perfect solution. In the sorting step, label different containers so you know what to keep, what to toss, or what to move. You can then create labels to designate homes for items you will be keeping in the area. Finally, labels reminding the workers that the surrounding area is a 5S area can keep the area standardized and sustained.

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