The Possibilities of LabelTac Labels


Having an industrial printer onsite gives you the opportunity to create a multitude of labels. The LabelTac series of printers, used in conjunction with LabelTac ribbon and supplies will produce durable and professional labels in just a few minutes. The possibilities of LabelTac labels are virtually endless; create pipe marking labels, 5S labels, OSHA/ANSI labels, barcoding labels and everything in between. Today we will look at different types of labels you can customize and create with a LabelTac printer.Wire Marking LabelTac Example

Applications of LabelTac Labels

Turn your desk or workbench into an instant sign shop with an industrial printer and the LabelSuite software. Labels using LabelTac supply and ribbon can withstand an outdoor industrial environment for five years, and even longer with indoor application. Below are some ideas to get you started creating LabelTac labels for any area of your workplace:

  • Safety labels: Probably the most common use of industrial label printers, you can create a number of labels to increase safety and raise safety awareness in the workplace. The templates and symbols provided in the LabelSuite software gives you the ability to create compliant labels quickly and easily. Use continuous header supply to create OSHA compliant danger, caution, and warning signs or use pre-printed labels to create professional grade GHS and HAZCOM labels.
  • LabelTac LabelsPipe marking: Undertaking a pipe marking project can seem like a daunting task but LabelTac makes that project a simple one. If you are new to pipe marking, the LabelTac software comes with a pipe labeling wizard that will guide you through the process of creating pipe labels for your entire facility, there’s also an ammonia pipe labeling wizard as it can be a tricky process.
  • 5S/organization: Whether you’re starting to implement the 5S methodology or you just want to clean up the workplace, a label printer is a wonderful place to start. Print labels to create specific areas or “homes” for every item in the workplace. Use labels to alert workers of staging and holding areas and ensure machines and items are put back in the right place every time. Label different bins of their contents and label receptacles like trash cans, recycling bins, and scrap bins.
  • Barcoding labels: One of the neatest features of the LabelSuite software gives you the option to create unique and scannable labels. You can use either UPC barcodes or QR barcodes that can store information directly in the label, you just need to scan it with a phone or barcode scanner. LabelTac labels also ensure these labels will not fade, smudge or scratch over time.
  • Cable marking: Keeping track of cables can save you many headaches in the future. By marking cables, if a machine or equipment stops working it will be easy to identify which cable will need to be released. You can purchase printable cable wraps, printable wire wraps compatible with LabelTac printers, or LabelTac printable heat shrink tubing for a cable marking project. Both give you the option to print legible and noticeable cable wraps.

You can make nearly any type of label for a workplace that you can think of. Start with a template, use one of the wizards, or start from scratch to create a beautiful and professional level labels. You will save money in the long run and any project can be tackled with LabelTac labels.

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