Understanding LabelTac Tape & Its Possibilities

LabelTac TapeThere are two components that go into using the LabelTac series of printers, ribbon and the LabelTac tape, also called supply. Thermal transfer printing essentially melts the color from the ribbon onto the tape to create a vinyl label. These labels will survive an industrial environment and last for many years to come.

A Variety of LabelTac Tape

There is a virtually endless number of labels you can create using the LabelTac industrial printing series. Below are a handful of different types of LabelTac tape you can purchase, and some examples of labels you can create with them.

Classic supply: This supply comes in an astonishing 17 colors that include primary colors like yellow and red, but also has more “out there” options including clear, gold, silver, and hi-vis options. Classic LabelTac tape can create nearly any type of label you can think of, perfect for pipe labeling projects, a new 5S system, and anything in-between.

 GHS supply: GHS LabelTac tape can be the most useful tool when it comes to staying in compliance with the Globally Harmonized System. You have the option of one, two, three, four, and five diamond configurations, ensuring you choose the perfect supply for your facility. The LabelSuite software included with your printer purchase has all of the accepted GHS hazard symbols and even a GHS labeling wizard to guide you through the process in designing and printing professional grade labels.

NFPA supply: Similar to the GHS labels, the NFPA labels come with a pre-printed diamond configuration that aligns with the standard set forth by the NFPA. You can add the corresponding numbers to each smaller diamond as well as the name of the chemicals, corresponding pictograms, and a more detailed description of the hazard.

Shrinkable supply: Also called the LabelTac Printable Heat Shrink Tubing, this supply comes in yellow, black, and white, and will shrink to half its size when heated. The most common use for this kind of LabelTac tape is to print cable labels and wire wraps, an effective organization strategy! And in the case you need to unplug a cord, you will be able to identify it quickly.

Die-cut supply: While the majority of the LabelTac tape offered is a continuous roll needing the printer to cut off at the right length, die-cut labels are an easy option to quickly create peel-and-stick labels, all the same size and offers an easier application. The labels printed with die-cut labels have consistent edges and gives and even more professional look to them.

Easy-to-see supply: Low-lit or darker areas may require LabelTac tape designed specifically for these areas. Reflective supply comes in a variety of sizes and colors including yellow, white, red, green, blue, and orange. Also available is photoluminescent tape that will charge in 30 minutes and glow in the dark; perfect for marking emergency exits and emergency routes.

Temperature supply: Finally, if you need to label something in an extremely cold freezer or an especially hot pipe, there is LabelTac tape for that! Cryogenic supply will survive freezing temperatures all the way down to -176°F. On the other hand, the LabelTac High Temperature Supply can withstand temperatures up to 320°F.

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