Using Lean to Reach Your Potential

Lean methodologies can be used on an organizational level, but also on an individual level. You can use lean to improve your use of time and even to clean out your inbox. In the TEDx Talk above, Bill Peterson, a lean instructor and consultant, explains the basics of lean, as well as how to make lean work for you to help you reach your potential. Many people are frustrated with their work, and Peterson discusses why: 

I work with a lot of organizations, diverse organizations, trying to help them improve to reach their potential using process improvement methodologies. And when I go to these organizations I find a lot of professionals working very, very hard, and they’re very, very frustrated.

I routinely ask, ‘In your 40 to 60 hour day work week, how much time do you get to think? How much time do you get to be proactive? How much time to you get to apply what you’ve been trained to do in your workplace?’ 

And sadly, the answer that comes back is single digits and sometimes zero. Now what lean process improvement methodology will do is provide a way to find hours of wasted activity that is disguised as productivity and call that time out so you can use that time to think and to reach your human potential. 

Watch the full video to learn more.

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